Vital statistics
Series Mortal Kombat
Gender Male
Debut Mortal Kombat
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania 2
Special Moves
Neutral Special Spear
Side Special Hell Punch
Up Special Teleport

Down Special Hellfire

Finalmania Toasty
Scorpion is a playable character in the games, All-Star Battlemania and All-Star Battlemania 2. Scorpion has appeared in both games, making his debut in the original All-Star Battlemania. He uses moves similar to his appearances in the Mortal Kombat series.

He is voiced by Ed Boon.


Scorpion was the flagship character of the Mortal Kombat franchise. His family and clan was murdered by none other than Quan-Chi, who he thought Bi-Han slaughtered them. Scorpion seeks for vengeance against his family and clan. He killed Bi-Han, which who he as of now is Noob Saibot.

Recently, Scorpion is no longer under control of Quan-Chi, as the former new Sub-Zero, Kuai Liang, gave him the truth, showing evidence from Sektor's memory. Thus came the truce, as Scorpion finally killed Quan-Chi.


Scorpion uses moves which is heavily used Mortal Kombat series. A mixture between Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat X, except the fact that most of his moves are very similar to UMK3.

Neutral Special: Spear

Scorpion throws out a spear, and whoever touches it gets dragged towards Scorpion saying "GET OVER HERE!" which is Scorpion's trademark move.

Side Special: Hell Punch

Scorpion will move towards the player like a magnet and punches them. Similar of one of his moves, which involves teleporting. However, this move will not teleport Scorpion

Up Special: Teleport

Scorpion will simply teleport to the air, as fire follows.

Down Special: Hellfire

Scorpion will summon fire off the ground.

Finalmania: Toasty

Scorpion will reveal his true face by removing his mask as he shoots fire from his mouth, which is his trademark Fatality in the Mortal Kombat games.


  • Scorpion appears to use his voice from Mortal Kombat II.
  • In All-Star Battlemania 2, Scorpion's spear attack now functions like it does in the Mortal Kombat games, rather than teleporting opponents.
  • Scorpion is rated at C tier on the unofficial tier list due to his lackluster down special as well as some awkward hitboxes on his normals.