Vital statistics
Series Undertale
Gender Male
Debut Undertale
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania 2
Special Moves
Neutral Special Gaster Blaster
Side Special Blue Attack
Up Special Platform

Down Special Whoopie Cushion

Finalmania A Bad Time
Sans is a playable newcomer in the All-Star Battlemania 2. Sans uses the moves from Undertale. His moves mostly reflect to the Genocide gameplay.


Sans is a skeleton who lives in the Underground, when the human arrives, he didn't care about capturing it, which is a promise. In the Pacifist route, Sans pulls off gags and becomes best friends with the human. However, in the Genocide route, he tries to warn and stop the human from killing hundreds of innocent monsters, including his brother Papyrus.


Sans uses moves similar to Undertale.

Neutral Special: Gaster Blaster

Sans will summon a skull-like blaster that will blast a white beam.

Side Special: Blue Attack

Sans will throw bones, but if the bones are blue and the opponent is not moving, the opponent will receive no harm.

Up Special: Platform

Sans will fly up with the platform.

Down Special: Whoopie Cushion

Sans will throw a Whoopie Cushion as a gag.

Finalmania: A Bad Time

Sans will pick up the opponent and drag them around.


  • Sans is the first newcomer in All-Star Battlemania 2.
  • Sans is the youngest character in the game, as Undertale only came out in September 2015
  • Sans rates at B+ tier on the unofficial tier list due to his good zoning game and his up-special is a strong disengage option and a good way to stall in the air. However, his aerial can leave him open to an attack if he connects with the ground and the RNG factor on his side-special is not good.