For the Street Fighter character, see Ryu.

Ryu Hayabusa
Vital statistics
Series Ninja Gaiden
Gender Male
Debut Ninja Gaiden (1988)
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania v0.7
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania
Special Moves
Neutral Special Shuriken
Side Special Unknown
Up Special Unknown

Down Special Firewheel

Finalmania Unknown
Ryu Hayabusa is a playable character in the game, All-Star Battlemania. He uses moves similar to his appearances in the Ninja Gaiden series.


Ryu Hayabusa seeks revenge against his dead father, as he takes on thugs and plans to destroy Jaquio.


Ryu Hayabusa uses his moves similar to the Ninja Gaiden. Note, he's pretty accurate from the NES title.

Neutral Special: Shuriken

Ryu Hayabusa will simply throw Shurikens.

Down Special: Firewheel

Ryu Hayabusa will send a Firewheel up at the sky, but it cannot be done sooner.

How to Unlock (from v0.7)

Play 30 Matches in Battlemania mode


- Ryu Hayabusa uses actual sound effects from the NES game.

- Ryu Hayabusa almost outmatched Sonic's speed.