Vital statistics
Series Rayman
Gender Male
Debut Rayman
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania 2
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania 2
Special Moves
Neutral Special Super Punch
Side Special Lockjaw
Up Special Helicopter

Down Special Heavy Metal Fists

Finalmania Moskito
Rayman is a playable newcomer in the All-Star Battlemania 2. Rayman uses the moves from the Rayman series.


Rayman is a creature who is the main protagonist of the Rayman series. Rayman fights to save for the Glades of Dreams, with a little help of Globox. He is known for rescuing Teensies which they look like wizards.


Rayman uses moves similar to the Rayman series. Most of it reflects to Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

Neutral Special: Super Punch

Rayman will swing a punch and throws his fist then brings it back.

Side Special: Lockjaw

A command grab, where Rayman will use the Lockjaw the pull opponents towards him.

Up Special: Helicopter

Rayman will fly with his hair, it deals damage.

Down Special: Heavy Metal Fists

Rayman will grab the metal gauntlets and makes a punch for it.

Finalmania: Moskito

Rayman will ride a Moskito and dash towards players.


  • Rayman is the ninth newcomer in All-Star Battlemania 2.
  • Rayman is rated at B+ tier due to his command grab and long range which are weighted against endlag on specials and weak movement options.