Vital statistics
Series Assassin's Creed
Gender Male
Debut Assassin's Creed (2007)
Appearance in All-Star Battlemania
First Appearance All-Star Battlemania v0.7
Latest Appearence All-Star Battlemania
Special Moves
Neutral Special Crossbow
Side Special Unknown
Up Special Unknown

Down Special Hidden Blade

Finalmania Unknown
Altaïr is a playable character in the game, All-Star Battlemania.


Altaïr was an assassin during the Holy Land. Desmond Miles was kidnapped in Abstergo and now he is in the animus to relive his ancestors lives like Ezio Auditore and Connor Kenway. Altaïr was the first target.

During the time, Al Mualim, Altaïr's mentor, has stabbed him and offer Altaïr a second chance, after Altaïr's irresponsible creed code. Altaïr then seeks to kill Templars.


Altaïr uses his moves similar to the Assassin's Creed series.

Neutral Special: Crossbow

Altaïr will shoot an arrow from the Crossbow.

Down Special: Hidden Blade

An assassin's memorable weapon, a hidden kill that Altaïr uses when he assassinates his enemies, in All-Star Battlemania, he simply stabs.


- Altaïr was planned playable in Demo v0.2, but was scrapped, due to programming errors.